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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is the 1st step to start your training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. At Silver Fox BJJ, our head instructor Karel Pravec has designed a complete curriculum for those interested in learning BJJ. These classes are taught with focus on leverage, technique over strength, positioning, defenses, basic submissions and other fundamental aspects of BJJ. It is recommended that all students attend at least one Fundamental class a week, as these classes give students the tools to move from standing position to a dominant position on the ground, followed by a submission.

* Free Introductory Class

The introductory class is a 40 minute one-on-one session by appointment outlining the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu theory, positions and submissions. This class serves as a preparatory class to those interested in seriously enrolling at the academy and training 2-3x/week in our beginner “Blue Belt” program (indicated on our schedule as Fundamental Class).

Typical class

  • Starts with a brief functional warm-up,
  • Followed by instruction on 1-2 stand-up/take-down techniques, with students drilling each move multiple times,
  • The instructor then demonstrates 2-3 techniques on the ground (positioning, transitions, submissions), again students drilling each technique with a partner several times to put the moves into their muscle memory
  • Class is usually ended with additional drilling to reinforce the techniques taught.


Some of the techniques students can expect to learn in the Fundamental BJJ Program are:

  • Basic self defense (e.g. head lock escapes, attacker approaching from the back etc.)
  • Clinch from a standing range
  • Perform single and double leg takedowns
  • Basic Judo hip and sweeping throws
  • Establishing a solid guard as a protective and offensive position
  • Basic guard passes
  • Basic guard submissions (arm locks, triangle)
  • Taking side mount position and transitioning into submissions
  • Taking (front or back) mount position and transitioning into submissions
  • Basic side mount defenses (“shrimping”)
  • Basic mount defenses
  • Basic choke submissions
  • Improving the transitions between positions to make their movement more fluid





This Program is for students who have made sufficient progress in the Fundamental Program, and was created with focus on technique, efficient transitions and submissions.  It includes access to all classes including:

1) Fundamental BJJ (Gi)
 – it is recommended that all students attend at least one Fundamental class a week.

2) Advanced BJJ (Gi)
 – Focus on transitions, combinations & advanced submissions.  Sparring (aka rolling) at the end of the class.

3) Advanced No-Gi – transitions, combinations/follow-up submissions, and advanced submissions.  Wrestling based take-downs with adjustments made for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling (i.e. their counters and submissions). Sparring (rolling) at the end of the class.

**MMA Training – Integration of mixed martial arts of striking or kickboxing (kicking/punching) with grappling techniques (BJJ/submission grappling).  Focus on striking, clinching, take downs, and ground game to most efficiently transition the fight to range of combat where the skill gap is the greatest.  For students who have demonstrated proficiency in BJJ/submission grappling and who have a desire to learn MMA.

Some of the techniques (Gi and No-Gi) students can expect to learn in the Advanced classes are:

  • Clinch from a standing range against a striker (boxer, kickboxer etc.)
  • Perform variety of takedowns
  • Guard sweeps and submissions
  • Advanced submissions from the top and bottom positions
  • Leg locks (ankle locks, toe holds, knee bars, hip locks) and defenses
  • Inverted techniques (triangles, arm locks)
  • Various guards (closed/open, X-Guard, Half-Guard, DeLa Riva etc.)
  • Advanced guard passes
  • Advanced defenses and transitions
  • Advanced choke submissions
  • Efficient transitions to improved position and/or submission
  • Knee on belly attacks and defenses
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