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I started my martial arts career like most people with Tae Kwon Do. This was back in Hong Kong 1979. In 1982 I came to America and started Karate with Shihan J.H. Kim (10th degree) at Brookdale
community college. I believe it was 94 I meet Renzo. I owe Shihan Kim, Renzo and martial arts so much, I don’t think I can repay it in 2 lifetimes.

It was because of martial arts, I was able to have a second home (I came to this country alone at 17. My father died when I was 5). Shihan Kim mentored me through college, I saw the whole US from Vegas to Florida through competing, he cosigned my first car loan and in 1997 he helped me achieve the ultimate. In 1997 through a special immigration category called “outstanding achievement” (less than 1% of all immigration applications and approvals), I was granted a green card and later, full citizenship. It was recommendation letters from many martial art masters spear headed by Shihan Kim and my record that I was able to become a citizen. To this day, Shihan Kim is a father figure to me and we remain very close. I am just one of many he as touched.

Renzo is and will always be an inspiration. Renzo is an outstanding instructor, fearless competitor and was fighting “no rules” way before the UFC. It is Renzo’s character though (true martial artist) which inspires a fierce loyalty amongst his 1200 + students and 35+ affiliate schools. I still train at Renzo’s main academy in NYC on a regular basis. Renzo has also been a great friend, helping me on many occasions and imparting his wisdom. I will always be in his corner.

Many young students treat Jiu Jitsu as a “sport”. Jiu Jitsu is the furthest thing from a sport, it is a true martial art. Jiu Jitsu focuses on loyalty and character building, by those two criteria alone, has to qualify it as a martial art.
For those who focus on just technique and personal gain, they are missing the big picture and I quote Renzo “that my friend is truly a tragedy”.

Renzo Gracie

“Calvin Coolidge Once Said “Nothing in the World Can Take the Place Of Persistence. Persistence and Determination Alone are Omnipotent. Karel Pravec, the “Fox” has Demonstrated that Persistence and Determintion to Become One Of My Finest Instructors. Karel Was One Of My First Students in 1993 When I arrived in United states. With Onlu a Select Few Karel has Matriculated to Blac Belt Level, His Technical now How And talent has Shown in his students. Karel Still Compettes At the Highest Level. I am Proud He is Continuing What My Family And I have dedicated Our Lives to. As a Friend and Instructor I highly recommend his Academy. Train Hard And Prosper.”

  • Grandson Of BJJ Founder, Carlos Gracie
  • Master Certified Personal Trainer
  • MMA Pioneer (13-6-1 record in Pride, UFC, World Combat Championship, IFL RINGS etc.)
  • Holder Of Numerrous BJJ and Submission Grapping Titles (including 2x ADCC World Champion)
  • One Of The Greatest Grapplers & Martial Arts Teachers In the World

Matt Serra UFC World Champion (Welterweight)

“Karel Started His Training At the Begining Of the Jiu Jitsu Revolution in America. When We (Karel and I) Started With Renzo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Was Unknown and We Worked Out Of a Judo School In Manhattan. arel is an Extremely Tenaciaous Competitor always attackking For the Submission, true to My Game and Renzo’s Teachings. At his Academy, You Will Be Download With the best. I Vouch For Karel, Not Only in his Jiu Jitsu Sills But for his Character. I am Proud to Have Instructed karel and Be His -Teammate.”

Now it is Up to You!

Derek Picinich Silver Fox BJJ Black Belt

Train hard and prosper. David Cheung,Renzo Gracie Black Belt 5th Degree Black Belt Shito-Ryu Karate under Shihan J.H. Kim (10th degree) I have been training with Karel on a regular basis since 2006. Since my training with Karel, my submissions have well improved.

Before training at Silver Fox, I never submitted an opponent in a tournament. Now most of my wins are by submission.

Karel is a very knowledgeable instructor who, like most black belts, has not stopped learning and training when he achieved his black belt.

I would say Karel is one of the most knowledgeable instructors around and caters to all of his students

TROY HODAS Silver Fox BJJ Brown Belt

” I first met Karel training at Renzo’s when I was back in College. We became good friends and from 1997-2000 in addition to training at Renzo’s we would train in his basement twice a week at 6am before he left for work. For as long as I can remember Karel has been very disciplined and trains every day. Truly living up to his belief that “the martials arts are a way of life.” He’s found the right balance that enables him to do this and I think it can partially be attributed to his very technical style. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the “thinking man’s game” and his style exemplifies this.

In 2000 when I graduated life took hold and 10 years later I found myself 32 years old and feeling I was missing something. I had drifted away from Jiu Jitsu and it was time to come back. I knew Karel now had his own school and had been devoted to teaching full time, while still training with top level guys at Renzo’s 3 times per week.

I drive an hour and 15minutes and pass a lot of other schools to train at Silver Fox BJJ. The instruction, quality of teammates, and atmosphere make it an easy decision. After only 4 months of training here, I entered the Pan Americans and got gold! Since then I’ve entered two other tournaments and have taken the podium at both. I give credit to quality instruction and top quality workout partners. I’ve been back 11 months now and all is well. I’ve come to appreciate again the discipline of working towards something and having goals. The atmosphere at the school is great with everyone looking to help each other become better. There are many success stories and I would recommend for you to come and train. I believe you’ll find it was the right decision!”

DAVE PALADINO Silver Fox BJJ Purple Belt

“How many people can say they received their Black Belt from Renzo Gracie? I have over 25 years experience in the martial arts and I am currently training with Karel Pravec at Silver Fox Brazilian Jiu Jitsu located at the Bob Long School of Self Defense in Lodi. In my opinion, Karel is a very high level Renzo Gracie Black Belt and dedicated instructor. Karel has a great mind for jiu-jitsu and is a great technician of the art. My BJJ game has improved tremendously since I have been attending Karel’s classes. If you want to learn from one of the area’s best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors then Karel Pravec is your man. The school is filled with life long martial artists from every discipline which promotes a great training atmosphere and very conducive to improving your Bjj game. Thanks Karel!”


  • Director of C.O.R.E. the center of fitness
  • Master Certified Personal Trainer
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Goshin Do Nagai Ryu Karate
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in Samaruai Nagai Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Shukokai Karate
  • Renzo Gracie/Karl Pravec Purple Belt
  • Group
  • Fitness Instructor
  • MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach

” I love training at Silver Fox BJJ. Since I’ve started, I’ve not only gotten in better shape and learned how to defend myself but I’ve also made a ton of great friends. The atmosphere is great and the guys are all real friendly. It’s more like joining a family than a team. Everyone works together and helps each other develop and grow as martial artists. Joining the Silver Fox BJJ family was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

CESAR OLLERES Silver Fox BJJ Blue Belt

” It has been almost about two years since I found myself at the front door of Silver Fox BJJ Academy in Saddle Brook NJ. Through a sleep study test, I was found to have sleep apnea, a condition where a person would stop breathing for periods of time. It was mainly due to my weight, as I was about 185 lbs at the time, which for my 5’4 ft/in frame is overweight. I used to train in boxing during my high school years and decided to skip on gym memberships and take up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to lose the pounds.

After several trips to other BJJ schools, I found my home at Silver Fox. Karel and the instructors at the school are excellent and even though the atmosphere is relaxing and laid back, the talent of the BJJ practitioners here are of the highest caliber. As I am writing this, I am at 148 lbs and in the process of getting to my target weight of 140 lbs. My wife tells me I hardly snore now when I sleep. Not to mention I am in the best shape of my life and my BJJ game keeps on improving.

What started off as a goal to lose weight has become a way of life, I encourage people out there to give the sport of BJJ a try. I must tell you that it is not the easiest thing in the world, but then again, nothing worth having is.”

HECTOR ESTRADA Silver Fox BJJ Purple Belt

” I learned a few years back that, to be the best, you have to train with the best. After carefully researching schools within my area (and a few poor experiences), I found home at Silver Fox BJJ.

I was impressed from day one. I was well received, and there were plenty of quality guys of all shapes and levels to roll with. I continue to learn of ways to advance my game with every class, and my technique has improved tremendously. I have been training in BJJ for years, and have never experience such rapid and solid progress.

I have gotten tons of help with my BJJ technique, but also with my WHOLE game, in a fun and practical training environment. Karel and his instructors have inspired great improvements for me, in and out of the mat by the lead of their example. Thanks Karel!”

RIZWAN SHAIKH Silver Fox BJJ Blue Belt

“Whether you’re looking to get in better shape, learn self-defense,or find a hobby thats both physically & mentally challenging you should look no further than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And if you’re looking for instruction that’s personalized and effective at any level (self-dense, aerobic workout, grappling/mixed martial arts competition) you should definitely check out Silver Fox BJJ.

I’ve used to train with Karel Pravec when I was home from college during the summer and I was looking to take the place of my college BJJ club back in 2008. From my first session I was able to appreciate Karel’s ability to demonstrate techniques and break them down into bite-sized pieces that I could wrap my head around.

I just recently started training again with Karel and I was amazed his new facility in Saddle Brook. Brand new zebra mats, changing area with showers, and enough space for everyone to train without running into each other just compliments the training. The new facility comes with new sessions and the best part is you can find a session 7 days a week.

Class starts with a warm-up that’s designed to get your heart rate elevated, blood pumping, and muscles loose. Next Karel shows a series of 2 to 3 moves (offensive or defensive). You continue to drill the moves while Karel observes and critics your technique. Class ends with 3 – 5 minute round of live sparring/rolling.

By the end of class you’ve definitely got a great workout, learned a takedown, throw, choke, or armlock, and have had a chance to implement it into your game with sparring.

Silver Fox BJJ has some of the best instruction around and I say this since I’ve trained with the Club Team at Rutgers University, Advanced Martial Arts in New Brunswick, West Chester BJJ in NY, and Metro Detroit BJJ in Michigan. The atmosphere is one of respect amongst all skill levels, camaraderie amongst training partners, and spirited competition amongst sportsmen.

BJJ is fun, enlightening, and makes for a healthy lifestyle.”


I have been with Silver Fox BJJ for about 3 years and I have found the instruction to be top quality. I had studied Japanese Karate and Jiu-Jitsu for 12 years earning a Black Belt prior to training BJJ. Since my prior training had focused mainly on standing self-defense techniques with the ground being a place I put my attacker not myself, I was reluctant to start BJJ. I soon realized how viable BJJ was as an addition to any standing self defense techniques. It is also an extremely fun sport that is a great work out!
I found the atmosphere to be great and not long after found myself addicted to the work outs. Classes are fun and taught by high level competitors and unlike some schools its not full of macho guys who think they are next UFC champ.
One of the great features about the instruction is the fact that all instructors are always working on their own technique. Karel trains with Renzo Gracie and John Danaher on a weekly basis while the other instructors also train some time with Renzo Gracie or other high level guys. Each instructor has different skills they bring out in their own BJJ game and in their instruction. From Judo style take downs to Wrestling take downs each instructors game varies allowing you to have a bigger pool of techniques to learn. In a class full of guys ages 19-50 at all weight and skill levels its easy to feel comfortable. Thanks Karel!

MARK SAUNDERS Silver Fox BJJ White Belt

I started training with Karel Pravec in July of 2011, at the time I weighed very close to 230 lbs. A little over two years ago I weighed over 240 lbs. Losing weight takes a continual effort and I always felt like I was on a roller coaster. Going to the gym is a great way lose to weight but for me it was never enough. I never had any one else to push me over the next hump and after a while it where on me and I would stop going.

In contrast, the atmosphere at Silver Fox BJJ is very supportive. When I first started I had a great deal of difficulty getting through the warm-ups and by the end of a fundamental level class I would be completely gassed. My fellow classmates would always be there to help me push through it and get better. The technical nature of Karel’s lessons also ensured that I built myself up at my own pace, I didn’t want to rush and get my self hurt. As my BJJ game progressed so did my stamina and I can honestly say that I am best shape of my life, I now weigh 215 pounds and I feel like I can easily lose another ten over the next few months.

The bottom line is this, Brazilian Jui Jitsu is a great way to get in shape and learn how to defend yourself. I cannot think of a better place to train, given the atmosphere and the level of instruction that Karel gives.

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