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Mixed Martial Arts MMA Classes & Training

Modern mixed martial arts has evolved substantially since UFC 1 in 1993.  Once a clash of styles to see which was best, MMA has morphed into a blending of various fighting disciplines.   Today’s MMA has taken pieces from many martial arts and refined the techniques for the efficiency of motion and maximization of force.  These refinements should serve as a basis for anyone looking to train Mixed Martial Arts.

You can train MMA for 1993 or train MMA for now!

The rise in popularity of mixed martial arts has brought about the creation of more MMA gyms and classes.  Many gyms will give you a great workout but aren’t able to teach all the technique details or specify the situations that are optimal for its use.  This is a vital part of MMA training, for the beginners, and professional fighters alike.  A solid education in the mechanics and methodology of these moves will help you to best chain together attacks and defenses, making a more fluid and technical fighter.

This principle holds true for positions as well.  MMA has evolved to the point where all fighters need to be versed in standing positions, in the clinch and ground fighting.  The best fighters can transition attacks while advancing position in a fluid manner, always giving their opponents different angles and problems to solve.

Who is Silver Fox?

Karel Pravec is a world-renowned Renzo Gracie black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a taekwondo black belt, and has over a decade of Muay Thai experience.  He is the epitome of what we have come to understand to be a mixed martial artist.

UFC champions like Chris Weidman, Matt Serra, and Georges St. Pierre all sing his praises and seek him out for technical instruction and insight.  He stresses a technical and fluid approach to training that covers both ground fighting and striking specifically for MMA.

Silver Fox Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy is the place to learn mixed martial arts, either for sport or just fitness and self-defense.

Karel has helped grow many MMA Champions inside of his own academy!
Karel has helped develop many MMA Champions inside of his own academy!