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In addition to being a highly sought after instructor, Master Karel Pravec authored an instructional book on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fluid BJJ, and filmed series of instructional sequences of videos for book can be ordered here:

The instructional videos can be ordered here:

The book is geared toward a skilled (high blue belt and above) practitioner who is interested in submitting his opponent through technique and leverage rather than power and strength, and focuses on technical attacks and maintenance of the momentum.

It will augment the conventional BJJ wisdom held by many practitioners of position before submission.  Its premise is that MOMENTUM can be more important than position. This is evidenced in tournaments where a competitor is submitted when he is refusing to give up a position and winds up giving up too much momentum to his opponent.  The key to maintaining momentum is to watch the sometimes subtle changes in your position relative to changes in your opponent’s position (= TRIGGERS).

BJJ may not be intuitive, but it is logical.  It relies on structural leverage and efficiency of movement.  There are times when you make an error (technical, timing, etc.) in your attack or your opponent properly counters you with his timing, strength, etc. (= TRIGGER).  During this time, you have a limited opportunity to follow-up with another submission or sweep attack.  Unless your error was too great, generally speaking, your opponent’s defensive reaction is predictable.  Seeing the Trigger in time and promptly acting upon the momentum allows a smaller, weaker, older, etc. practitioner to prevail (more human chess than a war for position). This allows you to take advantage of your opponent’s defense and regain leverage, and/or element of surprise and Counter his Counter with an appropriate technique before he nullifies your attack (= Fluid BJJ).

This logic/approach can be applied to any type/style of BJJ game.

Why “fluid”:

  • Minimize injuries
  • Outsmart/outmaneuver the opponent (BJJ = human chess)
  • Goes with original concept of BJJ for a smaller/weaker person to defeat a larger/stronger opponent
  • Suited for practitioners going against a skilled opponent who has knowledge of BJJ/grappling
  • BJJ is not just a physical pursuit but also a martial art with strong mental and character components
  • Reality is that a skilled opponent most likely will counter your move.  Staying one step ahead keeps the fight on your terms.
  • Keep the momentum of the attack, which is very valuable in combat


The book also contains a section on solo water drilling.  The many benefits of water drilling are:

  • Water resistance in all directions builds speed and fluidity.
  • Nature of solo drilling makes you aware of your own movement to make sure it is precise (rather than simultaneously paying attention to your own movement and your opponent’s movement).  This is particularly important when first incorporating new techniques, and helps with muscle memory.
  • Since you are performing drills without a partner, it forces you to visualize your opponent’s movement, and therefore you can start expecting his movement on the mats.
  • You can drill any technique.
  • Active recovery – water buoyancy lightens the load on your joints and back, allowing you to train more often.
  • Longevity – it is not as intense as a “lively” rolling session, yet it is another day of training.
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